Which states is IPA in?
We are currently accepting new agencies in 31 states: AR, AZ, CT, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MN, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NV, Upstate NY, OH, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, UT, VA, WA, WI, and WY.

If you have non-resident licenses in other states - that's ok.  You must be operating your agency from one of the above states.
What are IPA's qualifications to start my own independent insurance agency?
We have 3 general qualifications:
- 3 years' experience selling P&C
- Must sell P&C full-time
- Office in a business location

The ideal candidate is a captive agency owner who is sick and tired of the captive system and ready to go independent -or- a producer who has had success working in an independent agency and is ready to break out and start an agency for themselves.

The KEY is that you have already demonstrated some level of success as an insurance agent and proven that you can build a book of business from scratch.

A critical skill that will determine your level of success in this venture is your ability to generate your own leads through referrals and networking.

It's going to take approximately 80+ quotes/month in order to sustain your agency during your first year.

Just to clarify who we do not work with:
- Existing independent agencies looking for additional markets
- Life & Health agents or financial advisers looking to add P&C to their lineup of services
- If you're currently affiliated with another network, please review your exit options with the other group first.  Before we can move forward with direct sub-code appointments, we will need a copy of a release letter from the other group.
Which carriers does IPA offer?
Click Here for a list of carriers by state.
Are there any upfront or monthly fees to join IPA?
- No upfront fee
- No monthly fees

We operate strictly on a commission split.  The way we see it is, we're in it together - we only make money if you do.
How do commissions work?
Our carriers typically pay 15% commissions for new business.

We start out at an 80/20 split for new and renewal.

Your split increases to 90/10 when you hit a million in premium (and Yes - that's on the whole million in premium, not just above that level)

Your split increases again to 91/9 at 2 million, 92/8 at 3 million, 93/7 at 4 million, and 94/6 at 5 million in premium.

IPA also pays out a guaranteed annual loyalty bonus starting at $2,500 once you hit 500K in premium.  The annual bonus goes up to $15,000 as you grow and it's our way of rewarding our top affiliated agencies each year.

IPA processes commissions from all of the carriers each month and provides you with a consolidated detailed commission statement and a direct deposit.
  • Confidential:  Your interest will not be shared with your current carrier or agency.
  • No Obligation:  This will only help determine if you qualify and to learn more about the opportunity.
How long does it take to get direct appointments?
Once you are submitted for a direct carrier sub-code appointment, it typically takes 30 to 60 days to receive your login from the carrier - although it can take up to 90 days in some instances.
Does IPA have production requirements?
There are no contractual production requirements with IPA.

However, once you earn a direct sub-code appointment, the carrier will have an annual production expectation from your agency.  In most cases, the carrier’s production expectation from your agency will only be a fraction of what they typically require because of your affiliation with IPA.
 Can I get additional carriers that IPA does not offer on my own?
Yes - IPA is non-exclusive so you are able to maintain separately your own carrier appointments outside of those available through IPA.

Most of our affiliated agencies find that IPA has more than enough markets to be competitive. However, if there's a local mutual company or a carrier that you absolutely must have - our agreement has provisions to allow for you to do that.
Does IPA take an ownership stake in my business?
No - IPA does not take an ownership stake in your business.  If you ever decide to sell, you will keep 100% of the profits.
If I ever wanted to leave IPA down the line, can I take my book with me?
Yes - you have 2 options to exit and take your book with you whenever you decide to do so:

Option 1:  We have a simple buyout which allows you to separate and retain your accounts with IPA’s Carriers on your own.

Option 2:  If you choose not to continue with IPA’s Carriers or you do not want to pay a buyout, you can rewrite your policies with carriers that IPA does not offer.
  • Confidential:  Your interest will not be shared with your current carrier or agency.
  • No Obligation:  This will only help determine if you qualify and to learn more about the opportunity.
If I ever decide to sell my book, who can I sell it to?
You can sell your book to anyone that you wish.   We make it easy to transfer or sell your agency to a family member, employee, or another agent.
Does IPA offer profit sharing bonuses?
Yes - you are eligible to participate in profit sharing bonuses once you have 100K in written premium and a profitable book of business with the carrier.
Does IPA offer direct carrier access?
Yes - you will have direct access to the carriers' websites and rating platforms, deal directly with underwriting, and have the ability to bind business and service policies yourself.
Whose name appears on the policies?
When you have a direct sub-code appointment with a carrier, in most cases your agency’s name and contact information will appear on the policies.

If you are initially writing business under any of IPA's master codes, the policies will show IPA on the dec pages until you write enough business to earn a direct sub-code appointment.
What kind of training and support does IPA offer?
Our team will work with you on a daily basis during your first few months as you get your agency off the ground and help you to secure direct carrier appointments.

Once you have direct sub-code appointments, each carrier will assign a marketing rep to your agency to provide product specific training and support.

IPA processes commissions each month and provides ongoing support to each of our affiliated agencies as they grow and their needs evolve and change.
  • Confidential:  Your interest will not be shared with your current carrier or agency.
  • No Obligation:  This will only help determine if you qualify and to learn more about the opportunity.
Can I work from a home or virtual office?
No - our carriers don't accept home offices.

The office must be in a business location.  It also must be a full-time office and not a space rented for part-time use.

We recommend that you submit photos to IPA of any office space you are considering prior to signing a lease so we can make sure that it's going to be sufficient.  Keep in mind that the carriers will send a representative out to your location prior to approving you for a direct appointment.
Which comparative rater does IPA use?
We don't require you to use or pay for any specific comparative rater.  We've found that it's best to allow you to decide which software programs will best meet your agency's individual needs and those may change as your agency grows over time.

IPA will cover the cost of a PL Rating account for personal lines quoting during your first year to help you get your agency off the ground and minimize expenses.

After your first year, you can decide whether you wish to continue to use a comparative rater or not.  IPA provides discounted pricing on both PL Rating and EZLynx which are two of the most popular personal lines comparative raters in the market.

IPA will also provide you with access to a free commercial lines rater and a free E&S rater that you can utilize during your first year and beyond.

To hit the ground running with a free Personal Lines rater, Commercial Lines rater, and E&S rater is over a $5,000 value in your first year alone and is unprecedented in the industry.
Which agency management system does IPA use?
We don't require you to use or pay for any specific agency management system.  There is a wide range in features, capabilities and pricing among agency management systems and we've found that it's best to allow each agency to choose the system that best fits their needs.

We recommend holding off on purchasing a management system until you have secured direct carrier appointments and have business coming in.
What limit does IPA require on my E&O policy?
IPA requires that you carry an E&O policy with minimum coverage limits of $1,000,000 for each individual occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate coverage.

IPA must also be listed as an additional insured.
What if I'm still with my current carrier or agency?
Many of our affiliated agencies were still working with their captive carrier or previous agency when they decided to start their own independent agency so we are very familiar with your current circumstances.

First, we understand the sensitive nature of the situation when you are looking at a new opportunity like this while still with your current company.  IPA will not contact your current company and your information will be kept confidential during the entire process.

If you are thinking about opening your own independent agency within the next 6 months, we recommend that you get pre-qualified now so that you can learn what you need to do from now until the day you open your new agency so that you can have everything lined up and ready to go when you're ready to make the move.

If you are with a captive carrier like Allstate, American Family, Farmers or State Farm, it would be a good idea to obtain your production and loss ratio reports for the last 3 years now while you still have access.

If you are currently a producer in an independent agency, make sure to review your current agency contract so that you are fully aware of any non-compete clauses.

Before you do anything in regards to putting in a termination notice with your current company, we recommend that you first get pre-approved, review our full agency agreement, and go through our training on everything you need to do before opening your own independent agency.
  • Confidential:  Your interest will not be shared with your current carrier or agency.
  • No Obligation:  This will only help determine if you qualify and to learn more about the opportunity.
How many agencies does IPA have?
We currently have approximately 100 active agencies within the network under our current program.

We have worked with hundreds of additional agencies over the years as our agency program has evolved and changed into what it is today.
Can I hire producers?
Absolutely!  Many of our agencies start as a 1 or 2 person shop and then add producers as they grow.
Do I choose which carriers I get and how many?
You will have the opportunity to fill out a "carrier wish list" during the pre-launch phase to give us an idea of which carriers you think will be the best fit for you.

Our team will consult with you on your wish list to ensure that the carriers are going to be a match for the type of business you will be bringing in and to make sure that you are given the best chance to succeed from Day 1.

The number of carriers will vary depending on the type of business you write and the premium volume that you can support.  Most agencies find that IPA has more than enough markets to be competitive.  Our agreement is non-exclusive meaning that you are able to go out and get additional carriers on your own if needed.
Does IPA guarantee carrier appointments?
IPA cannot guarantee carrier appointments as the decision to appoint any agency is ultimately up to the carrier.

However, the requirements to join IPA are in alignment with what the carriers are looking for when appointing new agencies - so if we are submitting you for an appointment, it's because you are qualified and are most likely going to get the appointment.

IPA has more than enough markets where if an agent gets declined with a particular carrier, we can usually pivot to another carrier that has similar product offerings.
How do I exit if I ever wanted to?
IPA makes it very easy to sell or transfer your book to an immediate family member, employee, another existing agency with IPA, or any other third party.  You also have options to pick up and leave with your book with the carriers as well.

If you are going to sell or transfer the book to someone who is going to take over and stay with IPA, it's just a matter of notifying us of your plans and we will transfer everything over to the new owner.

If you want to pick up and leave with the carriers or if you want to sell it to someone who wants to keep the book outside of IPA, there is a simple buyout which allows you to do that.

If you want to exit without paying a buyout, you can do that at anytime by rewriting your policies with carriers outside of IPA's carriers.

You will have the ability to review the full agency agreement in our pre-launch membership site once you have been pre-qualified.
  • Confidential:  Your interest will not be shared with your current carrier or agency.
  • No Obligation:  This will only help determine if you qualify and to learn more about the opportunity.
What other costs are involved?
Other than your license, E&O and office, IPA does not have any required costs.  You will be responsible for your own operating and marketing expenses as an independent contractor.
How can I get a copy of the agency contract?
Once you get pre-qualified, you will be granted access to IPA's pre-launch membership site where you will find a copy of our full agency agreement for your review.

Click Here for a copy of our contract overview PDF.

What's the catch?
We often get this question because our program is the best in the marketplace for a startup independent agency.

The "catch" is that this is a hard business.  If you are failing with a captive carrier and hoping that going independent is the answer, this is not for you.  However, if you have proven that you can build a book of business from scratch and are confident in your ability to grow an agency through networking and referrals, this can be the opportunity that sets you free to run your own business, help more clients while offering them the best products, and to achieve financial freedom for you and your family.
What happens after I get pre-qualified?
After you submit the simple pre-qualification questionnaire, our team will reach out to you and let you know if you have been approved.

We will provide you with access to our pre-launch membership site where you can review our full agency agreement and learn about all of the things you will need to do from now until the day you open your agency.
How can I speak with someone at IPA if I have additional questions?
The first step is to complete the simple pre-qualification questionnaire by clicking any of the links on this page.

You can list any additional questions you have at the bottom of the questionnaire for our team to review.

We will then reach out to you and answer any questions you may have.
Can I watch the overview video again?

Click Here to go back and watch the overview video again.

Does IPA have a brochure?

Click Here to download a copy of our brochure.



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  • Carrier Descriptions: Learn production expectations + commissions
  • Appetite Guides: Find out what each carrier specializes in
  • Copy of Agency Agreement: Review IPA's full agency contract
  • ​​Pre-Launch Training: Discover all the requirements to open an agency
  • ​Support: Work with a team of experts to help you along the way