"Start Your Own

Independent Insurance Agency

With Direct Carrier Appointments & Full Ownership"


  • Captive Agents & Independent Producers
  • 2+ Years P&C Sales Experience
  • Office in a Business Location


  • Life & Health Agents
  • Other Business Types (Accountants, Financial Advisors)
  • Existing Independent Agency Owners Seeking Markets


AR, AZ, CT, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MN, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NV, Upstate NY, OH, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, UT, VA, WA, WI, WY


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  • 15-Year Contract
  • ​Right of First Refusal On Your Book
  • No Binding Authority
  • ​Forced to Pay for Technology that They Choose
  • Exclusive to Their Carriers Only
  • ​Difficult Bonus Requirements to Kick You Out
  • ​Franchise Mandates on How to Run Your Business
  • ​Commission Share on Outside Carriers
  • ​Unreasonable Buyout
  • ​No Option to Ever Leave With Your Carrier Appointments

(All Intentionally Designed To Take Control and Ensure That Your Book Will NEVER, EVER LEAVE, No Matter What!)



  • Month-to-Month Agreement
  • ​Full Binding Authority
  • ​Ability to Sell to Anyone You Want To
  • ​Free to Choose Any Technology You Want
  • ​Non-Exclusive / Ability to Maintain Outside Carriers
  • ​Easy Bonus Qualification
  • ​Fair Buyout Option
  • ​Ability to Leave at Any Time With Your Carrier Appointments
  • ​Free to Run Your Business Your Way
  • ​Your Name on the Door
  • ​True Book Ownership
  • ​You Make Your Own Decisions

(All Purposely Designed To Allow YOU To Maintain Control Of Your Book and Have Future Flexibility and THAT's the IPA Difference!)


I wanted to immediately hit the ground running, and I felt like going with Insurance Pro Agencies did that for me. It was completely turnkey.

Former Farmers Agent
Dan W. - Lake Villa, IL

Insurance Pro Agencies has been a godsend to me. It’s helped my business, my family. I’ve been here 10 years.

Former MetLife Agent
William B. - Rockford, IL

“First of all I want to tell you how much easier that your agency is. The training is awesome. I am learning each and everyday from your day 1- 60. This is very calculated and leaves very little to figure out on your own. After the experience that I have had. the other agency that I worked with set you up for failure your agency thrives on success. IPA is a breath of fresh air, and awesome to do business with. If I knew what I knew today I would be far more advanced with my business.”

Former Independent Producer
Marsha P. - Pleasant Hope, MO

We are growing every day but I am a scratch agency and so I like being part of a bigger network and I do not have to have a quota with all of these carriers that I like to write for.

Former American Family Agent
Chris M. - New Lenox, IL

“Anyone who’s been a captive agent for more than 10 years knows it’s not what it used to be. For the first 13 years of my insurance career, I was a captive agent. I watched my captive agency go from being a great career to an unpleasant drudge-fest. After watching the industry change and seeing my book of business and income dwindle, I finally decided to make the move. The only regret I have about joining Insurance Pro Agencies is that I didn’t do it years earlier.

Former American Family Agent
Sabina M. - Evergreen Park, IL

“I interviewed 5 master agencies when deciding to start my independent insurance agency and was able to speak directly with Terry to get all my questions answered with Insurance Pro Agencies. Their contract offered the most fair program with the most attractive group of companies of any agency group I spoke to. They have been very supportive with quick answers to all our questions. We are quite happy with their program and support.”

Former State Farm Agent
Dave J. - Gilbert, AZ

I wanted to have some options, and I still wanted to run my own business. Insurance Pro Agencies gave me those options. If I want to focus on health insurance, I can. I could also focus on life insurance. I can focus on houses and cars. What I have been doing a lot is commercial insurance. I can do dental labs. I can do landscapers, electricians, car dealers, muffler shops. Everything I’ve just said I’ve actually got for clients, and so that’s what drew me to Insurance Pro Agencies.

Former Health Insurance Agent
John D. - Rockford, IL

“IPA offered me a great contract and it REALLY allowed me to be independent, they have outstanding agent support and all the companies I needed to grow my business”

Former Farmers Agent
Jose S. - Columbus Junction, IA

Insurance Pro provides years of professional experience combined with access to some of the top carriers in the nation. IPA took our newer agency to the next level with friendly service, great advice and a highly competitive commission split. After months of research on which group to team up with, IPA was the best opportunity available!”

Former Independent Producer
Brad B. - Mattoon, IL

It’s given me the availability of companies, good companies, quality companies, so I don’t have to worry about claim service. After being restricted with one company for a while, it’s been refreshing. Terry has been good in regards to little pressure, leaving me on my own, which is my preference, and I think probably all of our preferences since we’re agents and we’re self-employed. Just some freedom to concentrate on what you want to do and what’s going to help your career the best.

Former Country Financial Agent
Kevin M. - Mt Prospect, IL

IPA enables you to work without pressure, with the best carriers and best commissions. If you are a hard worker you will grow your agency in no time. They are the best aggregators in the market today.”

Former American Family Agent
Angelo G. - Chicago, IL

“What I appreciate the most from Insurance Pro Agencies was the opportunity. The fact that every market that was needed to get started was part of the group. I highly recommend Insurance Pro Agencies to any agent / agency that is thinking about taking the leap from being a captive to independent agent.”

Former Farmers Agent
Shelton S. - Little Rock, AR

It’s more business, more money, and a better situation. The benefits of Insurance Pro Agencies, it’s more carriers, more general agents, and you can put your clients with any insurance company they fit into, and you’ll have more competitive premiums, which helped me to grow my business in the last five and a half years more than what I wrote with American Family in nine years.

Former American Family Agent
Sam S. - Worth, IL

“The process to have new brokers get appointed to carriers and begin writing business was effective and prompt.”

Former Farmers Agent
Guillermo V. - Antelope, CA

“I like the fact that you have our interests at heart and always try to get us new carriers to work with. What also sets you apart from others is the fact that you actually do what you say you are going to do. It is refreshing . I have been with you over 4 years and will always help promote your services if given the chance. Looking forward to next year.”

Former Farmers Agent
Scott K. - Irvine, CA

With the number of companies that we can have through Insurance Pro Agencies, I’m never embarrassed about any quote that I give. I’m able to write probably two-thirds to three-quarters of the business that I quote. I can always can find a company that is looking to write new business and it’s a wonderful situation to be in.

Former Captive Agent
Steve M. - Frankfort, IL

“Insurance Pro Agencies offers a great opportunity to become a successful independent agent.”

Former Allstate and Farmers Agent
Bill C. - St. Louis, MO

“I feel that I have a personal relationship with the owners of the company that allow me to call and they know who I am along with my agency. I was given an opportunity that allowed me to start a scratch agency without taking out several large loans to get it started.”

Former Allstate and State Farm Agent
Matt F. - West Des Moines, IA

"We exceeded $100K in monthly New P&C Business Premium yesterday; a milestone achievement for us. We are pretty excited. We should start getting to the point that we are writing between $100K and $150K in New P&C Business every month as we continue to streamline our operations. Thanks for all of your help and support the last 10 months!"

Former Allstate Agent
Jeff R. - West Chester, PA

"I would like to thank you for giving me this great opportunity to own my own agency. I am a little more than a month into it and I feel like I have made the best decision of my life."

Former Allstate Agent
Chris C. - North Haven, CT

2020 President's Award

Safeco honored Insurance Pro Agencies with the 2020 President's Award. Safeco annually recognizes and rewards a select group of top agencies with the President’s Award based on a formula that weighs size, growth and profitability (loss ratio). The President’s Award is the highest honor at Safeco Insurance

2020 Elite Agent

Safeco recognized Insurance Pro Agencies as an Elite Agency for 2020 - a distinction reserved for only the top 10% of Safeco-appointed agencies nationally. Elite status offers the highest level of rewards and incentives.

2019 Platinum 25

Progressive recognized Insurance Pro Agencies as a member of the 2019 Platinum 25. This exclusive designation is reserved for the top 25 agencies in the country with the highest number of net created Platinum home/condo + auto bundled PIFs and who also have a 2019 Personal Lines CAT-adjusted loss ratio under 65.00%. IPA came in at #9 in the nation!

2019 President's Award

Safeco honored Insurance Pro Agencies with the 2019 President's Award. Safeco annually recognizes and rewards a select group of top agencies with the President’s Award based on a formula that weighs size, growth and profitability (loss ratio). The President’s Award is the highest honor at Safeco Insurance

2019 Premier Performer

AAA recognized Insurance Pro Agencies with the 2019 Premier Performer Award for achieving sales excellence in the areas of new written P&C premium, memberships and life net settled.

2019 Elite Agent

Safeco elevated Insurance Pro Agencies to the highest level "Elite" status in 2019 in recognition of superior underwriting and partnership. 

2018 Champion Award

Nationwide honored Insurance Pro Agencies with the 2018 Champion Award only given out to the top 340 agencies across the country based on a combination of factors including total written premium and growth.

2018 Platinum Blue-Level Status

Insurance Pro Agencies achieved Platinum Blue-level status in 2018 with Progressive, which is reserved for the most exclusive, most successful group of agents that Progressive is partnered with. IPA affiliated agencies now earn the highest commission level with Progressive and the ability to earn the most lucrative bonus opportunities available.

2017 Rookie of the Year

Encompass recognized Insurance Pro Agencies with the Rookie of the Year award as the Top New Agency in 2017.


President & CEO

Terry O’Reilly has worked in the insurance industry since 1982 with experience in property & casualty and life insurance sales, captive and independent retail sales operations, district sales management, and running an independent agency network.



Adam oversees commissions and all financial related items for Insurance Pro Agencies.


Director of Operations

Dave manages all carrier partner relationships and agent direct sub-code appointments.


Director of Service

Miranda manages all agent support and customer service team members.


Agency Operations Assistant


Senior Client Service Associate


Customer Service Representative


Client Service Associate


Suburbs of Chicago

What are your fees?
There is a modest initial consulting fee which includes all of your direct carrier appointments and ongoing support during your entire first year.  

There are no monthly fees.
How do commissions work?
Our carriers typically pay 15% commission for new business and most offer 12-month auto policies and upfront commissions.

IPA works on a commission split with the agency.  During the entire first year, 100% goes to you.  After that, we move to a 90/10 split from there on out – and that’s it.
Do I own my book?
Yes!  You own your book of business from Day 1.  

If you sell your agency, you will keep 100% of the profits.

We make agency perpetuation easy if you wish to transfer the business to a son or daughter in the future.
Which comparative rater and agency management system do you use?
We do not require you to purchase or use any rater or management system.

There are a lot of great choices in the market with different features and benefits and you're free to choose what is best for you.

Our affiliated members can receive discounted pricing on some of the most popular systems.
Who can I sell my book to?
The simple answer is that you can sell to anyone that you want.

You can sell to another agency within our group or to anyone outside of the group if you wish.

(And unlike our competitors, we don't contractually require you to sell it to us with a "Right of First Refusal" clause.)
Do I have the option to leave down the road if I ever wanted to?

While other groups "say" that you can leave at anytime, what they really mean is that you can rewrite your policies with other carriers.

We have a simple option that you can exercise at any time that allows you to receive a full carrier release to take your entire book and carrier appointments with you on your own.

If you're coming from the captive world or stuck in an agency where you're at the mercy of other people's decisions, it's nice to have an option where you're always in control of your business.
What's the catch?
The only catch is that we're very selective in who we approve for our program.

We're looking for professional, honest and driven people with a track record of successful P&C sales.

While many of our competitors are looking to make money upfront, we're invested in it for the long-term with you.

We designed our program to give you the very best opportunity to succeed financially.  Your success is our success - that's the way we see it.
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