If you’re a loan officer or mortgage broker, you know that building your client book keeps business booming. This is why mortgage broker lead generation is critical for your company.

This industry can be competitive and volatile, but it doesn’t have to be. Mortgage brokers often get leads through online marketing efforts, client referrals, paid advertising, and through lead generation programs like Insurance Pro Agencies’ Referral Partners program.

How to Generate Leads

Whether you’re a promising new broker or a pillar in your established firm, lead generation should be one of the top priorities in your role. No leads means no sales, but quality lead generation doesn’t need to be a secret. Here are just a few ways you can generate high-quality leads:

Online Marketing

Many mortgage brokers are now taking their business to social media and investing in search engine optimization (SEO) in order to attract new prospects. Building a following on social media can take time, requiring you to post engaging content multiple times per day to build an audience, but can pay off if you keep at it. 

We recommend creating social media accounts specifically for your business, posting on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Many brokers found that posting at least two times per day for six months boosted their following and therefore, their books.

SEO is a bit more involved and may require some financial investment on your end. With the right SEO, you can optimize your business’ website so it organically climbs the search engine results page rankings‒which means more eyes on you! Third-party companies can spruce up your company website to cater it to Google’s algorithms and create high-quality content that builds trust with your target audience.

Both of these methods can take several months to a year to establish but can generate organic traffic to your business.


Connecting with insurance agents and cultivating strong relationships with your existing clientele can help you gain new prospects. Offer incentives for existing customers or connections to refer leads to you and have a plan in place to reach out to those prospects right away.

You’ll need to know what to say when calling leads for mortgage loans; jumping into an elevator pitch right away may turn off potential clients. Ask your mutual connection for information about the lead. What is their timeline for buying their home? What is preventing them from buying one today? Are they working with a real estate agent?

The more you know about a prospect, the more you can tailor your pitch to them.


Paid advertising can be an expensive way to generate leads, but it can be successful. Look into ads you can purchase online, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads, as well as local ads. Some brokers find success with purchasing ad space on the radio or billboards in the areas they typically service. The downside with ads is that they will need to be repurchased and recurring costs can add up.

Insurance Pro Agencies Referral Partners

Insurance Pro Agencies (IPA) is a family-owned, national, award-winning insurance agency that has been thriving for over thirty years. For the past seven years, we’ve been successfully leading an exclusive Referral Partners Program for mortgage brokers and loan officers.

We noticed how the relationship between insurance agents and brokers wasn’t exactly mutually beneficial in most cases‒brokers recommend homebuyers to insurance agents, and are thanked in coffee and doughnuts. We decided it was time to do things differently.

Our program connects brokers like you to up to three, high-quality, ready-to-buy mortgage leads per week for free. Instead of pouring thousands into advertising and SEO that might eventually reach your target audience, you can connect directly to eager prospects.

How Does Referral Partners Work?

IPA uses an advanced, automated customer relations management (CRM) system. We have our prospects fill out an extensive survey that covers everything you need to know about them as a broker: their credit score range, their timeline for purchasing a home, and whether or not they’re currently working with a realtor.

Then, we take the leads that are ready to buy and just need a loan officer like you to seal the deal and send them your way automatically. We find that brokers who reach out to the leads soon after receiving them have more success with landing the client.

So, what do you need to do to start enjoying weekly free leads? Sign up for our Referral Partners Program and refer us for insurance once you secure the customer. For more details, check out our page!

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