Mortgage lenders and brokers need viable mortgage leads to keep their business thriving, but creating reliable mortgage lead generation through the ebbs and flows of the economy can be difficult. Luckily, you can generate mortgage leads online by utilizing social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, purchasing leads, or getting them for free through Insurance Pro Agencies (IPA).

Say ‘goodbye’ to worrying about what to say when calling for mortgaging leads‒the days of cold-calling are over. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to generate new, eager mortgage leads with the power of your mouse and keyboard.

Top Ways to Generate Mortgage Leads Online

Whether you’re an established firm or a newer broker building out your book, these tips can help keep a healthy flow of new clients coming your way:

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has proved to be a helpful method for businesses across all industries. One study said that 78% of loan officers who use social media marketing to generate new leads have found success with it. However, social media marketing can be costly if you rely on just purchasing ads.

You can hire an intern or take on the social media sphere yourself! All you need is a smartphone device, professional accounts for your business on multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), and time. 

Using social media marketing means you need to work with platforms’ algorithms, and the only way to break through is to post consistently and frequently. If you have the time and a creative mind, this can be a great way to attract new leads.

Search Engine Optimization

All digital marketing will require some knowledge of how algorithms work, and SEO can make your business stand out above the rest. SEO is the practice of leveraging key words and high-quality content to make your business’s website organically rise in the search engine results page, getting your name in front of more people looking for mortgage loans.

This tactic is much more involved than social media marketing–it requires knowledge in website development, content creation, and more. We typically recommend outsourcing your SEO support to a third-party, which can build you a sustainable stream of new leads over time but can be costly to maintain.

Email Marketing

If you already have a list of contacts, such as a monthly newsletter list, you can start an email marketing campaign to drive new leads. You can use a platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp to reach a wide number of emails without winding up in their spam folder.

Create campaigns that incentivize current clients to refer new clients to you or maintain a high-quality level of contact with your customers. This builds loyalty and strengthens your network.

Buying Mortgage Leads

There are websites that collect data on prospective homebuyers and sell that data to loan officers for a fee. Depending on where you source these leads, they can either be ready to sign papers today or aren’t serious homebuyers quite yet. Do your research to make sure you’re getting the best value for your dollar, and create a strategy to connect with the leads as soon as you get them.

Get Free Online Leads With IPA

With Insurance Pro Agencies, you don’t have to pay for warm or hot mortgage leads. Our Exclusive Referral Partners get up to three free ready-to-buy mortgage leads per week that are exclusive to them‒this means no competing for existing leads!

How It Works

It’s no secret in this industry that insurance agents will typically network with mortgage brokers and loan officers to get referrals for their business. These connections are often rewarded with doughnuts and coffees, but we do things differently.

At Insurance Pro Agencies, we believe in strengthening businesses by working together. We collect data on prospective homebuyers by having them fill out a detailed survey that includes information like:

  • Their timeline for buying a home
  • Their credit score range
  • Whether or not they’re working with a realtor

This information becomes analyzed in our Customer Relations Management (CRM) system, which then automatically forwards you this key information on the lead. All we ask is that you refer your clients to IPA once they need homeowners insurance, and we will continue to send more buyers your way.

IPA is a national, award-winning, and family owned insurance company that has been cultivating exclusive home buyer leads for mortgage brokers for more than seven years. To see how we can work together, check out our Exclusive Referral Partners Program!

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