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Now Accepting Loan Officers in 27 States:
AK, AZ, CO, IA, ID, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, NE, NM, OH, OR, PA, SC, TN, UT, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY  

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Who can Benefit from this program?

The program is designed for Retail Lenders who, as part of their normal course of business, have clients in need of homeowners insurance. Our ideal partner is currently doing 3+ deals per month and looking to grow.

Who is this NOT for?

The program is not designed for Private Lenders, Credit Unions, or real estate agents.

What is the Lead Quantity and Quality?

Each partner receives 1-3 leads per week, and we aim to get you at least 1 extra deal a month from these leads. Our marketing efforts are currently generating a strong flow of leads, and while our average is currently over 3 leads per week, we prefer to under promise and over deliver. Rest assured; you can expect a consistent flow of exclusive mortgage leads to help grow your business. The Loan Officers with the best results from our leads are the ones who have processes in place to follow up within minutes of a new lead coming in.

What is your Lead Generation Process?

Our marketing team generates leads on our own website. They’ve been doing this successfully for 7 years. Customers fill out a detailed survey questionnaire, providing information about their housing situation, purchase timeline, price range, real estate agent status, and credit score range, and then they provide their contact information with the intent that someone will reach out to them to discuss their situation. We don't sell these leads; they are exclusively for our loan officer referral partners. Each lead gets assigned to 1 loan officer, so they are exclusive to each loan officer as well.

How will I Receive the Leads?

Our marketing team will reach out to you and get you set up for leads after your first referred client gets a homeowners insurance quote from us. You will then start to receive them via email and/or text.

Is it ok if I operate in Multiple States?

Yes, we are a national agency, so you can operate in multiple states. However, there are some states we don't work in due to industry challenges. We don't provide services in FL, TX, CA, and coastal properties on the east coast. We typically start free leads in the state where the loan officer is located, but we can accommodate specific state requests.

Which Insurance Carrier do you represent?

We work with our #1 insurance carrier, Safeco, which is part of the Liberty Mutual family of companies. We've been in partnership with Safeco for over 25 years, and they provide the best products and services in the industry. Safeco's teams are available on weekends and late into the night, ensuring timely service for your customers. Safeco Insurance is a national carrier and rated A (Excellent) by AMBest.

What Type of Insurance does your agency offer?

We offer auto, home, life, and commercial insurance. We usually start with home insurance and then inform the customer about the savings they can receive by bundling auto and home policies with the same carrier.

How do I get Started with the Referral Program?

It's quick and easy. Follow the link provided on this page to our Referral Program sign up page. Just enter your name, email, and phone number. Once completed, you'll be officially signed up for our referral program.

How do I Submit Referrals?

After signing up, you'll gain access to our online portal. Here, you can easily enter your customer's name, phone number, and property address. Once you hit submit, the referral is tied to you. Our sales team will then reach out to your customer, typically within 5 minutes, and provide a quote over the phone.

You also have the option to text or email your unique share link directly to your customer, allowing them to enter their information themselves. This flexibility ensures a smooth and convenient process for both you and your customers.

What if I want to get More Leads than what you provide?

We'll set up a 60-day check-in once we start the leads. At that point, we can discuss further lead expansion opportunities and what makes sense for your business.

Now Available in 27 States:


Unwavering Lead Generation

Pre-vetted, approved leads represent a steady stream of high-intent prospects heading your way without any uncommitted leads or potential clients who haven't yet expressed a firm interest in securing a mortgage. With new mortgage leads you receive:

  • Consistent leads and inquiries based on your specified minimum mortgage value or location
  • Access to our tech infrastructure to monitor active leads from one dashboard, from initial referral to home mortgage conversion
  • High lead volumes that can increase alongside your business, beginning at one to three leads a week, with every opportunity to grow your mortgage or loan refinance business
We offer fantastic reliability, using our exclusively in-house processes and high-traffic website. Over the past seven years, our lead generation strategies have attracted thousands of verified homebuyer consumers, giving you an unparalleled competitive edge.

Superior Lead Quality with Proven Conversion Rates

How do we guarantee the quality of the mortgage leads we send your way? Our approach includes a thorough vetting process, where each prospect is invited to complete our detailed survey. This ensures we have a clear idea of their price range, purchase timeline, current housing status, credit score, and real estate agent position.

Our loan officers achieve high rates of successful conversions, with many long-term partners reporting substantial revenue boosts. This enables them to augment their marketing budgets and reach a new pace of growth, developing techniques to initiate speedy follow-ups within minutes of receiving each new lead.

Every prospect is already anticipating your call and has a known need for homeowner borrowing, paving the way for you to step in and provide the right mortgage assistance.

Seamlessly Scale Your Business with Mortgage Leads

The unique lead generation system here at Insurance Pro Agencies delivers results, and we offer knowledge-sharing and ongoing support to help your mortgage business scale faster, more effectively, and without any common stumbling blocks. Our baseline is to deliver up to three leads every week, providing guidance to help you transition at least one deal into a confirmed customer each month, growing our businesses simultaneously at a sustainable pace.

The expertise and advice our teams offer are invaluable. As a national insurance agency writing firm that operates in twenty-seven states across the US, we assist our partners as they expand their mortgage lender businesses into new areas, attract leads that align with their business strategy, and look at added-value lead expansion opportunities as their capacity increases.

Comprehensive Lead Nurturing and Support

Brokers, loan officers, and other professionals in our partnership network receive complete access to our well-established system, which has been delivering superb results for more than seven years and counting. We work with ambitious businesses to ensure they understand the right way to approach every lead and how our follow-up sequences ensure each party is ready and waiting for you to get in touch. Our support services include:
  • Full usage of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database, where you can trace lead history, or incorporate the insights we share into your own lead management software or CRM
  • Fast notifications when new leads arrive, delivered directly to you by email or text so you can reach out quickly without leads becoming stale
As your insurance partner, we make everything as efficient and straightforward as possible so you can focus all your time on customer communications–while we continue to share exclusive, quality leads with strong intent.

Are You the Right Fit?

Our Free Mortgage Leads Program may be ideal for your business if you can answer ‘yes’ to all of the following:
  • Are you a retail lender with clients who need good value and secure homeowners insurance, or a loan officer who wants to find a strategic, proven way to scale your business?
  • Do you manage at least three deals in an average month–or more?
  • Are you based in one of the twenty-seven states shown in our FAQ section?

If you meet these eligibility criteria and are keen to partner with Insurance Pro Agencies and access excellent-quality leads through our tried-and-tested program, follow the instructions to sign up today.

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