Free mortgage leads are an excellent opportunity for retail lenders and brokers looking to scale and expand their businesses. They connect reputable lenders with qualified, high-intent prospects who are actively looking for homebuyers’ mortgage products and are ready to hear from a local provider.

Our referral program is proven to work. It offers partners the opportunity to access a consistent flow of approved leads while receiving expert guidance on the best ways to nurture and progress each prospect until they finalize a sale. We achieve this by selecting brokers and lenders who match our specific criteria and leveraging our position as a national insurance agency operating across twenty-seven US states.

Let’s discuss the lead referral system we operate, how it all works, and the benefits for ambitious loan officers and brokers.

The Insurance Pro Agencies Referral Program Process

We often liaise with prospective partners new to mortgage lead referrals who have previously depended on low-quality leads, word-of-mouth recommendations, or local advertising, which don’t produce the volume or reliability they need.

What are the different types of free mortgage leads? We’ve discussed this in greater detail in our separate guide, but any unqualified, low-quality, or shared lead is less likely to result in a viable sale prospect.

Instead, we align our referral partners with our business objectives as a leading network of independent agencies that focus on supporting independent owner-operators looking to broaden their market access and gain freedom from carrier restrictions. This same approach applies to our mortgage lead referral program. 

We are a family-owned and operated aggregator that has assisted countless agents, loan officers, and mortgage brokers in achieving new levels of scalability. It all starts by working through our selection criteria–we work with retail lenders who regularly serve clients in need of homeowners insurance and who generally manage three or more deals a month with the capacity to grow.

Understanding Our Lead Generation Methodology

Everything we do is based on principles of quality, and this applies to our lead generation systems as much as the way we do business. Note that Insurance Pro Agencies doesn’t offer free lead referrals for real estate agents, credit unions, or private lenders.

Our highly experienced and multiskilled marketing team generates leads through our own online presence, with leads collated and verified through our website. Over the last seven years, we have refined this process, using a detailed questionnaire to help us confirm the intent and position of each homebuyer, looking at factors like:

  • The homebuyer’s purchase timings and situation
  • Current credit scoring and price range
  • Whether the homebuyer has appointed a real estate agent

We don’t offer ‘cold’ leads or refer prospects to our partners without confirming that the homebuyer is looking for a mortgage product and is happy to hear from recommended partners who can organize or arrange the types of borrowing they require. Each lead volunteers their contact details, with the expectation of hearing back from a professional to discuss their requirements. 

Those leads are not available to buy, nor are they offered to any broker or loan officer outside of our referral program. High-intent, qualified leads are provided exclusively to partners within the referral scheme, with one lead assigned to one loan officer to avoid any conflicts or competition to secure the homebuyer’s business.

What Is the Benefit of Joining a Mortgage Lead Referral Program?

There are numerous advantages to receiving a steady stream of excellent quality leads, not least that each lead is yours alone, and you can nurture and progress each prospect by following the knowledge-backed guidance we provide.

Business partners can submit their own referrals through our secure online portal, enabling them to add value to their customers’ experiences by referring them to the Insurance Pro Agencies sales team. We aim to respond to referrals within as little as five minutes to provide an over-the-phone quotation.

In return, we deliver one to three leads per week, with the expectation that each partner will achieve at least one extra deal every month; our average performance exceeds three leads per week, although we are determined to balance referrals with the capacity of our partners. If, at any point, you would like to expand the volume of leads you receive, we are happy to discuss this with the first touchpoint at our sixty-day check-in!

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