Whether you’re an insurance agent that currently represents a singular carrier or an agent who is independent but working within another agency, insurance aggregators are a powerful way to network, boost the scope of your business, and provide your clients with higher quality services and options. Agents, brokers, and agencies, both new and established, find many benefits to joining these professional networks.

In this article, we will break-down what an insurance aggregator is, what to look for when choosing the right one for you, and our top choice for an aggregator to join.

What Is an Insurance Aggregator?

An insurance agency aggregator is a group of independent agencies that have joined to combine premiums, which allows their members all of the benefits typically attributed to large agencies. These exchange networks ease pressure, gain carrier access, and can even result in earning enhanced compensation. There are a few types of aggregation models to look at:

  • Clusters: What is an insurance cluster? This is essentially a collection of firms operating as an alliance or in partnership that pools premiums through individual carrier contracts. 
  • Market access: This type of aggregator provides access to carriers and other markets, operating as a managing general agent or wholesaler.
  • Networks and aggregators: This is the most common type and likely what you’re looking for–these are typically privately-owned entities that provide the scalability, networking, and shared resources you need. Members typically have equity stakes in this arrangement.
  • Combination groups: Combination groups are a little more difficult to define, as they are usually a mix of the options listed above. You will more likely see a combination of a market access with an aggregation network system.

Factors to Consider Before Joining an Aggregator

Before you jump in and join an aggregator, it’s important to weigh your options and carefully consider a few factors. Let’s explore them now:

Competitive Against Larger Agencies

If you’re currently an independent agent or work with a much smaller agency, you want to be taken seriously. Heavy hitters in the industry are more than familiar with mergers and acquisitions, and you’ll need strength in numbers to be seen. Choose an aggregate you can merge with to build a team that generates credibility in this field.

Extensive Support Network

Everything from word-of-mouth recommendations to insights on types of insurance you work with (we’re looking at you, property and casualty insurance clusters) is a major benefit to joining an aggregate. Select one with the network of support you want to highlight or improve upon. 

Different aggregates offer different added services, so if your marketing needs a boost, opt for one that focuses on promotions and new leads. Looking to optimize and streamline your workflow from a tech standpoint? An aggregate that advertises its ability to track and manage data may be the right fit for you.

Growth Goals

Consider your growth goals and where you keep meeting closed doors. Is your agency struggling to grow because you and your staff are stretched thin, or are you growing so rapidly, you are just trying to keep up with your current client load with no time to think about future milestones? Some clusters and aggregates can help you manage this fast-paced flow and spread the work out so you can focus and reach those end targets.


Part of finding an aggregate is knowing your budget and if the fees involved in joining an aggregate or cluster work for where your business is at right now. There are typically fees for start-up or initiation, maintenance fees, and even exit fees if you choose to leave the aggregate. As you shop for an aggregate to join, look for networks that are transparent about their fees and determine if they make the most sense for your budget and goals.

Our Top Choice

Insurance Pro Agencies (IPA) is a massive network for independent insurance agencies, allowing far more than just market access. IPA allows agents to be independent without falling back into the trap of only supporting one or two contracts.

We have the production requirements needed to support each individual agent, spreading it out across more than one hundred agents. You have all of the benefits and freedom that comes with being an independent agency, as well as the infrastructure and backing of a larger entity.

At IPA, you don’t have to choose between independence and financial freedom. Contact us today to discuss options and see if we’re the right fit for you!

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