Becoming an independent agent is an exciting career transition, especially if you’re starting your own agency. But it can get challenging – you’ll have to deal with the usual day-to-day tasks of being an agent, on top of building and managing a business from scratch. 

A great alternative to this is joining an insurance cluster group. By being associated with the best insurance clusters to join, such as Insurance Pro Agencies, you’ll get access to insurance carriers that might otherwise be restricted to you, as well as support from other members, among many other benefits.

What Is an Insurance Cluster?

An insurance cluster is a network of insurance agents, agencies, and carriers that work together to provide benefits to its members. These benefits include access to more products from different carriers, support from industry leaders within the group, and flexibility to operate as an independent agent.

New and experienced agents can join an insurance cluster, but the move is especially suited for captive agents looking to transition into becoming independent agents or agency owners and would benefit from the foundation that a cluster can set for them.

Reasons to Join an Insurance Cluster

Joining an insurance cluster is the right move if you’re hoping to leave behind the captive agent life. Here are some benefits of joining an insurance cluster:

Increased Carrier Access

The top reason why people join an insurance cluster is the increased carrier access it offers. Insurance carriers only typically offer a limited line of products to small agencies, if any at all. However, insurance clusters enjoy a more comprehensive catalog from multiple agencies, all of which you can offer to your clients.

Profit- and Cost-Sharing

Most insurance cluster groups offer profit-sharing programs, which incentivize better performance among members and provide everyone with more ways to earn. They also usually share resources for marketing and advertising, consulting, and technology, which can save you a significant amount in expenses as the costs will also be divided.

More Networking Opportunities

Insurance cluster groups are made up of members of both amateur and seasoned industry players. By being associated, you can reach out to them for mentorship opportunities or just to get tips in general.

Things to Consider Before Joining an Insurance Cluster

Before you join an insurance cluster, it’s important to make sure you know what you’re getting into, and that you’re ready for it. Here are some important things that you should consider before joining an insurance cluster:


Most insurance cluster groups have a list of requirements for new members like being based in the same geographic location. Some even have surveys to vet you before they let you in. There are also associations that have membership tiers, meaning that you’ll start at a lower rank with basic benefits and receive more perks as you move up the ladder.


Just like with any member group, you’ll need to pay dues to be part of an insurance cluster. Get to know what expenses you may incur with your membership, such as joining fees and maintenance fees, as well as any penalties should you decide to leave the group.


If you’re joining an insurance cluster to become an independent agent, it won’t make sense to join a group that’s laden with rules that will restrict you from operating the way you’d like to. Ask about the kind of freedom that comes with membership–are there any stringent rules that you have to abide by?

Should You Join an Insurance Cluster?

Any insurance agent that would like to take advantage of the benefits of being an independent agent without the challenges of managing your own agency should join an insurance cluster. You’ll get to enjoy all the great things about the job while expanding your reach and profit opportunities and getting support from other industry professionals and systems.

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