With the right tools and strategies, stay-at-home loan officers can generate high-quality mortgage leads that can help them build a business to rival big agencies. You can find leads through multiple methods, from network to content creation to purchasing lead lists. 

But to successfully generate leads–and turn them into sales–you must have an understanding of what a good quality lead looks like, where to find them, and how to manage them at home. In this guide, we’ll tackle what you need to know about mortgage leads for stay-at-home loan officers.

What Does a Mortgage Lead Look Like?

A good mortgage lead will contain some essential information about the borrower, which can help you paint a picture of their financial circumstances. These include their:

  • Name
  • Duration as a homeowner
  • Contact information, including home address
  • Property tax information
  • Sales data
  • Interest rate information
  • Equity information
  • Family details (if they have children)

How to Find Mortgage Leads as a Stay-at-Home Loan Officer

Where do mortgage leads come from? You can find mortgage leads from several sources, such as word-of-mouth referrals, organic online traffic, and paid lead lists. Obtaining them takes time and commitment, but a good mortgage lead generation strategy helps make the process more efficient. Here are tips on finding mortgage leads as a stay-at-home loan officer:

Expand Your Network

Many high-quality mortgage leads come from recommendations coursed through your network, so it’s important to build and nurture your connections within the industry. You can generate leads from your relationships with other loan officers, realtors, home builders, accountants, and even existing customers. 

Create Content

Today’s mortgage market is made up of many young people who aren’t entirely adept in real estate and mortgages. Creating content that’s both engaging and educational is a great way to catch their attention and build credibility. You provide value to them, so you remain in their minds when they’re eventually ready to avail of your services.

Build an Optimized Website

In this day and age, a website is a necessity, and a page that contains your information isn’t enough. To attract traffic and generate leads online, you must build an optimized website–one that shows up on Google search pages and provides users with all the tools and information they need for their mortgage inquiries. 

Ask for Reviews

You likely already have an existing pool of clients. As you nurture your relationship with them, ask for reviews and feedback that they can leave online or somewhere that’s visible to potential customers. You can do this by adding a button on your accounts for easy feedback, sending an email campaign, or doing a survey. Having positive feedback from others makes people more inclined to buy from you.

Use Paid Advertising

An effective way to reach borrowers is through paid advertising. Placing your content, offers, or information in social media channels can generate interest and recognition within your target market, which you can define as you create your paid campaigns.

Buy Leads

Different companies sell leads that you can use as a starting point for your campaigns. These typically include real estate businesses such as Zillow, Lending Tree, or Realtor.com. When buying leads, it’s best to vet your source to ensure that you’re getting the leads you need for a reasonable price.

Maximize Referral Programs

Referral programs can offer you free high-quality leads at zero cost. In exchange, you only have to refer the partner business to your clients. For instance, with Insurance Pro Agencies’ Free Mortgage Loans program, you can get leads daily after you refer a client that gets a homeowners insurance quote with us.

Managing Mortgage Leads as a Stay-at-Home Loan Officer

After finding mortgage leads, you must learn how to efficiently manage the information you’ve acquired to nurture your relationships. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

This lets you manage the data of all your leads, track their buying journey, and troubleshoot any issues you might encounter. It also allows you to personalize their experience, making it easier to build a relationship founded on trust.

Get Free Mortgage Leads from Insurance Pro Agencies

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