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Here's a free copy of our e-Book, "The Master Plan to Starting an Independent Insurance Agency," which is a must read for anyone considering becoming an independent agent. Your personal guidebook to starting an independent agency and getting direct carrier appointments will teach you to save time, money, protect yourself and avoid many costly mistakes along the way.

Marketing Tips

Here's a free copy of our e-Magazine, "Marketing Tips From Top Producers," which provides strategies from real agents getting real results.

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In this video series, "8 Secrets to Earning 6-Figures as an Independent Insurance Agent," you'll learn the strategies used by the top 10% of the top insurance agents to make 6-figures a year and more.

Video 1: How To Get Carrier Appointments

Video 2: E&O Insurance

Video 3: Business Entity

Video 4: Earning 6-Figures

Video 5: Business Office

Video 6: Comparative Rater & Agency Management System

Video 7: CSR Alternative

Video 8: Hiring Top Producers

Your Roadmap To $100,000/Year

See how attainable a 6-Figure Income as an Independent Insurance Agent can be for you! We were very conservative in our assumptions for average commission rate and close rate. Most of our carriers pay 15% commission on new business and many of our affiliated agents have a close ratio around 50% which reduces the result of the formula to less than 4 quotes per day to achieve the $100K mark in your first year alone.

Top Producer Daily Action Plan

We created a daily action plan to help you get clear on your goals for quoting, marketing and other business projects so that you can maximize your productivity and keep your focus on the most important items that will grow your business each day.

IPA Carrier List by State

Please review the list to determine which carriers are available in your state.
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